$ pg_dump -a -t [テーブル名] -D [DB名]
  • -a …… データだけ出力
  • -t …… テーブルを指定
  • -D …… Insert文をカラム付きで出力


$ pg_dump --version
pg_dump (PostgreSQL) 7.4.5
$ pg_dump --help
pg_dump dumps a database as a text file or to other formats.

  pg_dump [OPTION]... [DBNAME]

General options:
  -f, --file=FILENAME      output file name
  -F, --format=c|t|p       output file format (custom, tar, plain text)
  -i, --ignore-version     proceed even when server version mismatches
                           pg_dump version
  -v, --verbose            verbose mode
  -Z, --compress=0-9       compression level for compressed formats
  --help                   show this help, then exit
  --version                output version information, then exit

Options controlling the output content:
  -a, --data-only          dump only the data, not the schema
  -b, --blobs              include large objects in dump
  -c, --clean              clean (drop) schema prior to create
  -C, --create             include commands to create database in dump
  -d, --inserts            dump data as INSERT, rather than COPY, commands
  -D, --column-inserts     dump data as INSERT commands with column names
  -n, --schema=SCHEMA      dump the named schema only
  -o, --oids               include OIDs in dump
  -O, --no-owner           do not output commands to set object ownership
                           in plain text format
  -s, --schema-only        dump only the schema, no data
  -S, --superuser=NAME     specify the superuser user name to use in
                           plain text format
  -t, --table=TABLE        dump the named table only
  -x, --no-privileges      do not dump privileges (grant/revoke)
  -X disable-triggers, --disable-triggers
                           disable triggers during data-only restore

Connection options:
  -h, --host=HOSTNAME      database server host or socket directory
  -p, --port=PORT          database server port number
  -U, --username=NAME      connect as specified database user
  -W, --password           force password prompt (should happen automatically)

If no database name is supplied, then the PGDATABASE environment
variable value is used.

Report bugs to <>.


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